Christopher is not just pretending to be a superhero



Christopher is an actor, but he’s not just acting the part of a superhero.  Despite volunteering for some pretty noble causes, Christopher chose his socialist views as his outstanding superhero characteristic alongside being an actor.  I think he’s a superhero for wearing an awesome gilded vest in the Canada Day heat!  

superhero2 014

I’m totally going to check out “Twelfth Night” at the Bernie Legge Theatre!



Brett is a great role model



The truth is Brett is not a random person I just happened to ask to participate.  She’s someone that Ive been chasing down to participate for at least a week.  What makes me oh-so-excited is that she had her answer good and prepared.  Brett is a superhero for lots of different reasons of course: she’s a great dog mommy, she is the kind of friend that bakes everyone goodies on any and all holidays, and she’s always a friendly face and listening ear.  But what she believes makes her a superhero is that she is good enough to be her own role model.  For the record, this is not arrogant….this is amazing!  And definitely something to rightfully be proud of!  

(PS You’re a great role model for other people too!)



 superhero3 002

Andii is a reluctant superhero

Andii is the shyest superhero yet.  But what’s interesting is she had difficulty thinking of her outstanding superhero characteristic even while people shouted ideas at her about what makes her awesome.  In the end, helping friends may be the most endearing superhero characteristic of all.  It may also be the wisest: when battling villains, Andii will be sure to have superhero back-up (including supercat Dennis)!

Raunaq the Superhero

I had the great pleasure of meeting Raunaq when he was volunteering at a community event.  A passionate environmentalist, Raunaq is a member of New Westminster Secondary School’s Environmental Club.  It’s always cheering to think that superheros like Raunaq are the future leaders of society.  Fear not for the future fellow superheros, Raunaq is here!

Jaimie uses his superpowers for good!

Jaimie has superpowers.  And we are all so fortunate that he uses them for good!  Jaimie is a superhero for many different reasons.  He’s a City Councillor is a progressive city.  He’s Executive Director of the Hospitality Project (which sadly just lost its federal funding because the government re-jigged its priorities – arrggggh!) which serves people who most need assistance.

But what he’s most proud of is bringing a Living Wage to the City of New Westminster.  Did you know that New Westminster is the first city in Canada to offer a living wage?  I’m pretty proud.  And evidently Jaimie is as well!


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Say hello to Kylie





inspiring an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, or fearcausing or inducing awean awesome sight.

showing or characterized by reverence, admiration, or fear; exhibiting or marked by awe.

Slang. very impressive: That new white convertible is totally awesome.

So Kylie is awesome!  Not just in the “new white convertible” kinda way.  She is awesome in the inspiring admiration kinda way.  Kylie has two amazing kids (like super cute and well-behaved).  She is an active community volunteer, organizing literacy flash mobs and fundraising for a playground with the John Robson PAC.  And she downright nice!

So when she says she’s a superhero because she cares about her community, it doesn’t take an awesome leap to believe it’s true!



Say hello to Kylie