Say hello to Kylie





inspiring an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, or fearcausing or inducing awean awesome sight.

showing or characterized by reverence, admiration, or fear; exhibiting or marked by awe.

Slang. very impressive: That new white convertible is totally awesome.

So Kylie is awesome!  Not just in the “new white convertible” kinda way.  She is awesome in the inspiring admiration kinda way.  Kylie has two amazing kids (like super cute and well-behaved).  She is an active community volunteer, organizing literacy flash mobs and fundraising for a playground with the John Robson PAC.  And she downright nice!

So when she says she’s a superhero because she cares about her community, it doesn’t take an awesome leap to believe it’s true!



Say hello to Kylie


Tanya the soon-to-be mama-hero

Aren’t all moms superheros? I mean really! Tanya is one day away from being a brand new mama (at least that’s what she’s hoping and what the doctors say!). Being a mama isn’t in the cards for everyone, but since the moment I met her, I knew it was something that Tanya was going to be fantastic at. Not one to essentialize women as purely pro-creators, I think Tanya was perhaps one of those women who was made to be a mom. And she’s going to be a great one.
What could be more kick-ass superhero than that?superhero2 031





Do not be fooled!

Do not be fooled!

Don’t be fooled by her diminutive size – Audelle has outstanding superhero capabilities! Her mom did the writing, but Audelle came up with her superhero characteristic all by herself.
Can I get a collective…awwwwwww!


Meet Superhero Ruxandra

Meet Superhero Ruxandra

Ruxandra is just fantastic. She wasn’t exactly sure to write and just kept thinking about how she rescues animals. Well that’s definitely a superhero activity! She told me that whenever she goes back to Romania, her family gets annoyed because she rescues so many dogs and cats that are on the streets. On top of being a committed volunteer, Ruxandra is graduating with such a complicated degree I dare not even write it (let alone undertake studying it!) for fear of making a mistake.
Thanks for being an animal-saving superhero!


Rodney the Super Superhero

Rodney the Super Superhero

Now this is someone after my own heart! I could list a dozen reasons why Rodney is a superhero, starting with rocking out a fantastic wardrobe that often includes a bowtie to volunteering at so many different organizations he’s often double booked on any given day to starting an student engagement club at Douglas College. Rodney rocks!
But being an intersectional feminist….! Be still my heart!


Introducing Brian

Introducing Brian

There’s so many reasons why Brian is a superhero. And I can’t disagree with the reason he chose. Brian is the most helpful guy you will ever have the good luck to meet. Let alone live next to! Plus he has a pretty quirky sense of humour too!
Brian is going to be a first-time dad tomorrow and he’s going to be a phenomenal one! In a week, I’ll ask him about all the new superpowers he’s accumulated!


Pat is filled with ideas

Pat is filled with ideas

Pat has been called an “activist extraordinaire”. A blogger, environmentalist, and all around community guy, if you go to a community event expect to see him there. An avid volunteer and cyclist, Pat credits his teachers with his outstanding superhero characteristic. Being filled with ideas is superhero-esque indeed!

“No army can withstand the strength of an idea whose time has come.”
― Victor Hugo